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Situated in Versilia, on the coast of Tuscany, Italy. Breeding proven quality genetics from Peru, Australia and the UK in Tuscany, Italy. Alpacas are endearing creatures which are easy to keep. The luxurious fleece they produce is often called “The Fibre of the Gods”, and can be finer than cashmere and warmer than wool. This can in turn be processed into fibre for knitting or weaving and into high quality items of clothing, felt products, blankets and quilts. Alpaca are an interesting alternative to a ride on mower or a bush cutter and will assist with the protection of your sheep or poultry against foxes and other predators. They are very good with children and will get to know and accept your other pets. Alpacas are very inquisitive, so if you are in their field they will always come to see what you are doing. They are easy to move about and are generally cooperative when you need to carry out routine tasks.

Buying Alpaca

Stud Services

Training Courses


We will help check you have the land, facilities and knowledge to look after your new alpacas.

We are able to offer both on farm and drive-by Stud services from our Elite quality Huacaya stud males.

We offer various training courses all hosted by a fully qualified judge from the British Alpaca Society.

We are happy to pass on everything we have learnt about these animals. We offer full support and backup.

“Whether you are looking to expand and improve or you just want pets…look no further than Tosca Alpacas!