Buying Alpacas

Hobby or Business, Pets or Breeding ?

Everyone has their own reasons for buying alpacas. The quality of the animals will decide the price you will pay. Before we sell any of our animals it is important that potential buyers can show that they have the land, facilities and willingness to learn how to look after their new alpacas. We, for our part will sell quality alpacas at a reasonable price and will always be available for support and ongoing backup.
You should try to find out as much as you can before you commit to anything.
We have:


Breeding stock
Stud males, both proven and potential
Pet alpacas for sale


We also import elite quality alpacas from the UK, a list of animals is available on demand. We would suggest that you visit us to discuss you aims and requirements.
Alpacas can be very expensive and there is a lot of hype. As is so often said, “Quality Alpacas are expensive, But Expensive Alpacas are not always Quality”

If you are thinking of a fiber producing herd and four legged lawn mowers, you would be wanting to buy some geldings (castrated males). These can usually be bought for a very reasonable price.

If you were thinking of a breeding / fiber herd, and potentially an investment, then most new owners would be buying pregnant females or females with cria at foot. The price is all in the quality of what you are buying and can be anywhere from €1,500 upwards.

We would strongly recommend however that you only buy animals who are on a proven and respected breed registry such as the British Alpaca Society ( BAS ) – ( the most senior and respected registry in Europe). That way you will be able to quickly and easily see the family history of the animals you are buying.