Training Courses

We offer various training courses all hosted by a fully qualified Alpaca judge with the British Alpaca Society. The Selection of courses offered is as follows:-

Introductory Course – An introductory day that will tell you all you need to know about keeping alpacas as pets or for a business.

Assessing Your Alpacas – This in-depth course shows you how to assess the quality of your alpacas in both terms of their conformation and quality of fleece. You will be taught the importance of heritable and non heritable traits. You will also learn the basics of showing your alpacas competitively.

Care and Management – A full day course that tell you all you need to know about keeping you alpacas healthy, dealing with the vet, matings, pregnancy and caring for the crias.

Successful Breeding Strategies – After ensuring you have the right foundation stock, developing your herd depends to a large extent on making the right breeding decisions.This course includes an in-depth section on heritable and non heritable traits, planning your breeding program, selection of stud males, successful matings, pregnancy diagnosis, budgeting for success and much more.